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Our Mission

Our mission is to improve people’s lives, through innovation and technology, by creating products and services that enhance better living, promote health, and support overall well-being.

Our Philosophy

Our business philosophy rests on four pillars: Service, Innovation, Diligence, and Promptitude.
We believe in serving our stakeholders, our customers, our staff, and our partners. This is our highest priority.

Innovation permeates all aspects of our business, and ideas, both in and out of the box, are its source.
We are diligent, detailed oriented, ensuring that, in all we do, we uphold a high standard of care.

Our promptitude ensures speed, agility, and a “getting it done” attitude.

Our Company

We are really nice people who care about our community.
We came together with the goal of helping improve people’s lives and their surroundings.  


The BrushSpa™ journey began 5 years ago after learning the disgusting truth about toothbrushes. We began to conceptualize BrushSpa™ as a solution that would help many people. We faced many challenges and have iterated prototype after prototype to create the best user experience and most user-friendly toothbrush cleaner.

Concept to Deliverable

Our first goal was a proof of concept, and we achieved it in our ‘Gen. 2 test mule.’ From here, we set out to create the very first prototype of a consumer product.

alpha design prototype

The alpha version of BrushSpa™ focused on pure utility in order to further prove that BrushSpa™’s patent-pending technology can effectively clean, air dry, and store toothbrushes. The alpha model had a total of 23 custom tooled parts – something too complex for mass production. After demonstrating product viability, we set our sights on improving production efficiency, simplifying the design, improving usability, and creating greater aesthetic appeal!

beta concept design development

The BrushSpa™ beta concept initially began as a “re-skin” of the alpha model. We focused on improving usability and manufacturing design to deliver a premium, cost-efficient product requiring fewer parts and tools to manufacture.  The process involved dozens of concept designs, usability tests, and iterative engineering drafting.


From creating various external 3D-printed shells to brush cradle and handle design – our designers worked with our dentistry advisory team to create a product that is simple, effective, and habitual.  Cleaning our toothbrushes properly should be a habit – like washing our hands, faces, and environments.  Our usability studies led us to the design we are offering to you today.


After several years of dedication, sacrifice, and hard work, we arrived at our final design of the BrushSpa™: A clean, elegant, and flexible design to fit any environment while providing dentist-recommended cleaning, drying, and protection for your toothbrush.


After all of these years in development, the BrushSpa™ is finally here. Get your BrushSpa™ today! Order Now!

Our Team

the founder / Inventor

Barry Raborn

The Chairman

Andy Starr

The President

Wendy Starr


Farell Duclair

The Dentist

Dr. Umekei Smith

The Hygienist

Evette Hernandez

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