Attention! Your toothbrush is dirty and infected with bacteria!

Your Mouth is Rotting

The human mouth is home to a multitude of bacteria. An opportune breeding ground for fledgling bacteria to sprout its wings and become the bacteria it has always wanted to be. It should be our primary focus to kill that bacterium and crush their lifelong dream and goal.

The formula for dream crushing and bacteria genocide is simple.

  1. Healthy brushing habits with the proper tools
  2. A healthy dose of reality

Unfortunately, that dose of reality should primarily be directed toward the humans.

Here are the facts:

  • Over fifty percent of the population use a toothbrush longer than the recommend duration. It not only reduces the positive impacts required to sustain healthy brushing habits, it can cause irreversible long-term damage.
  • The bristles of a toothbrush can become an incubator for bacteria if not properly cleaned.
  • Recent studies have shown a direct correlation between the active bacteria residing in mouths and the bristle grown bacteria.
  • Dirty bristles often counteract the measures taken to improve the whiteness of your smile. This includes expensive strips, blue light restoration, charcoal scrubs.
  • Poor oral hygiene has also been linked as a contributing factor in the development of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and even some forms of cancer.

Tap Into A Powerful And Reliable Solution To Eliminate 99% Of Bacteria And Germs!

Maintaining healthy oral hygiene requires constant attention, and proper maintenance of your toothbrush is an important part of that equation. Though that isn’t to say that an effective oral hygiene routine has to be difficult or time consuming.

Oral hygiene involves more than just regular dental visits and daily maintenance. The most effective way to prevent unhealthy bacteria buildup on your toothbrush is proper storage, and proper storage does not mean in a drawer next to your sink after a quick rinse under cold tap water.

A Better Way To Brush!

BrushSpa accommodates the storage of any style and shape of toothbrush and takes simple storage a step further by eliminating 99% of bacteria buildup in just 30 minutes. It’s easy to use, easy to clean and dishwasher safe. BrushSpa’s cleaning solution is non-carcinogenic and safe for use by any member of your household young or old.

Our focus is on providing a viable solution for long-term sanitary brushing. We believe that this process begins before the brush even enters your oral orifice.

  1. The solution helps keep your toothbrush clean for up to six months.
  2. Utilizing hydrogen peroxide as the primary sanitizing agents provides additional protection via bristle coating. Increasing the effectiveness of the toothbrush.
  3. A simplified process. Our approach is designed to streamline your oral health. With easy refills at home and comprehensive use we guarantee seamless integration.

BrushSpa also prohibits mildew from growing while your toothbrush is being stored. The cleaning solution lasts 6 months and is easily re-filled at home. Using BrushSpa regularly not only keeps your toothbrush clean and disinfected but also promotes better overall health and oral hygiene. Additionally, after your toothbrush has been sanitized and dried, the bristles are left coated in hydrogen peroxide, which is a powerful teeth whitening agent, keeping your teeth not only clean but looking great!

Join the movement today and enjoy an exclusive 50% discount when we launch!


You only get one mouth, protect it accordingly.












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