This is how many germs are lurking in YOUR bathroom, and you’ll be horrified at the dirtiest spot

Updated: 23:07, 7 Apr 2017

You might go for the obvious spots, the toilet seat or the floor.

But the worst offender, according to a new investigation, is your toothbrush, closely followed by the bath.

To help you navigate the hotbed of bacteria and keep your bathroom at its cleanest, designer bathroom specialists Soakology used a heat map to scope out where the germs are loitering.

And the grime map showed your bathroom is secretly harbouring a world of filth you knew nothing about.

The most common types of bacteria found in any bathroom are bacteroidaceae, or bacteria from poo, E.coli, streptococcus and salmonella.

We are regularly exposed to these types of bacteria on daily basis, not just in the bathroom, so the best way to prevent them spreading is to wash your hands.

While this all may seem rather grim, don’t run screaming from your bathroom yet.

Not all of the bacteria are harmful and, in fact, germs make up a good portion of the human body.

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