Redefining Oral Hygiene. One Brush at a Time.

Meet BrushSpa, your new, cutting-edge, innovative best friend for health that spans further than just your teeth and gums. With our unique patented technology, we built a sanitizing system for your toothbrush like none other..

  • Destroys 99% of germs and bacteria
  • Kills bacteria causing cavities and strep throat
  • Reduces risk of diabetes
  • Ensures fresher breath for longer 
  • Suitable and safe for all ages

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Why Do I Need BrushSpa?

Most people have no idea about the potential risks of leaving your toothbrush out day in and day out. But if you looked at it under a microscope, you’d see your toothbrush swimming with up to 1 million bacteria and even fecal germs.

Rinsing it under the tap doesn't cut it anymore.

The risks of oral bacteria

New studies are showing increasing links to poor oral hygiene and health conditions. When you brush your teeth without proper sanitization, you are spreading bacteria that responsible for Strep Throat, E.Coli, cancer, diabetes and gum disease that’s been heavily linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

Protect Your Family’s Health

As a parent, it’s hard to know just what dangers lurk in your very own house. And the last place you’d expect to find a threat is on your toothbrush.

The best way to protect your family’s health going into the future is with BrushSpa, the sanitizing system that keeps harmful bacteria at bay. 

Improve Your Wellbeing

With overwhelming evidence linking poor oral hygiene to several dangerous diseases, it’s no wonder it can also negatively affect your day to day wellbeing.

By killing 99% of bacteria, BrushSpa transforms your toothbrush back into a tool to maintain vitality and wellbeing, rather than a weapon against it. 

Get Closer

For most people, bad breath stays in the mouth even immediately after brushing. And considering its caused by bacteria build-up and plaque, using a bacteria-covered brush only makes things worse. With BrushSpa, these bacteria don’t get a chance to accumulate, so you can get closer to the ones you love.

Love Your Smile

BrushSpa uses hydrogen peroxide to effectively rid your toothbrush of bacteria - which also happens to be the safest teeth whitening ingredient. With BrushSpa, expect whiter, brighter teeth with each use, for a smile you can wear with pride. 

Meet BrushSpa, Your New Luxury Brush Therapist.

BrushSpa is the collective effort of leading dental practitioners and design engineers created to give your toothbrush the clean it deserves. But we like to think of it as a luxury spa treatment for them bristles, to help them come out fresh and ready to fight germs.

a clean brush for every use

With each session, BrushSpa gets rid of 99% of bacteria every time, all the time - that’s 3x more than mouthwash and U.V treatments. Then, it dries and stores your brush, ready for next use.

Affordable Refills

With the ability to clean your brush over 180 cycles without a single refill, expect fresh breath and clean mouths to last for months on end.  Refill BrushSpa's solution yourself or order replacements.

Customize the look

From metals to wood, you can customize BrushSpa's look.  With its sleek, seamless and aesthetic design, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything that looks this good on your bathroom shelf. 

Works with your favorite toothbrush brands. Electric and traditional!

BrushSpa works great with Sonicare brushes
BrushSpa works great with Oral-B brushes
BrushSpa works great with REACH brushes
BrushSpa works great with QUIP brushes
BrushSpa works great with BURST brushes
BrushSpa works great with Colgate brushes
BrushSpa works great with Crest brushes
BrushSpa works great with Pepsodent brushes
BrushSpa works great with CVS brand brushes
BrushSpa works great with DenTek brushes

Cleaning a Toothbrush Has Never Been Easier.

Why Choose Brushspa?

Solution for Oral Hygiene & Health

With Brushspa, you get an all-in-one hygiene solution for every member of your house, including; kids, young, and old alike.

Lab Tested

Brushspa is a lab tested oral hygiene solution proven to kill up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria in your toothbrush.

Easy To Use

Brushspa offers you the easiest and simplest way to keep your toothbrush clean until next use. Brushspa also protects your brush when not in-use.


Brushspa is an affordable toothbrush sanitizing solution. Refilling Brushspa's solution cost less than bottled water!

Dentist & Hygienist Approved

Brushspa is highly recommended by dentists and hygienists for your toothbrush sanitizing and improved health needs.

Easy Maintenance

The sleek design of Brushspa makes it a perfect combination of style and functionality. Removable parts are dishwasher safe.

What's it Costing by NOT Investing in BrushSpa?

Rather than investing in us, consider it an investment into your health and wellbeing. We’ve dived DEEP into the science behind common ailments and disease, and found that bacteria-laden toothbrushes are connected to so many of them.

If you’re not killing germs effectively, you’ll ALWAYS be at a greater risk of falling sick to conditions that could impact your life forever.

BrushSpa is where technology and hygiene converge, to put the power of superior oral and physical health back in your hands. 

Make it yours!

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