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Learn more about our patented technology to store toothbrushes from the bacteria and germs looming in your bathroom.

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Our Mission

At BrushSpa®, our mission is to improve people’s lives through innovation and technology. We are driven to create products and services that promote better health, enhance everyday living and support overall well-being.

BrushSpa® Gives You a Clean Brush Every Time

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Gen 1 and Gen 2

Concept to Deliverable

Our first goal was a proof of concept, and we achieved it in our ‘Gen. 2 test mule.’ From here, we set out to create the very first prototype of a consumer product.

Alpha Design

Alpha Design Prototype

The alpha version of BrushSpa® focused on pure utility in order to further prove that BrushSpa®’s patent-pending technology can effectively clean, air dry, and store toothbrushes. The alpha model had a total of 23 custom tooled parts – something too complex for mass production. After demonstrating product viability, we set our sights on improving production efficiency, simplifying the design, improving usability, and creating greater aesthetic appeal!

Beta Concept

Beta Concept Development

The BrushSpa® beta concept initially began as a “re-skin” of the alpha model. We focused on improving usability and manufacturing design to deliver a premium, cost-efficient product requiring fewer parts and tools to manufacture. The process involved dozens of concept designs, usability tests, and iterative engineering drafting.


Iterating for the Best Usability

From creating various external 3D-printed shells to brush cradle and handle design – our designers worked with our dentistry advisory team to create a product that is simple, effective, and habitual. Cleaning our toothbrushes properly should be a habit – like washing our hands, faces, and environments. Our usability studies led us to the design we are offering to you today.

Final Design

Final Production Design

After several years of dedication, sacrifice, and hard work, we arrived at our final design of the BrushSpa®: A clean, elegant, and flexible design to fit any environment while providing dentist-recommended cleaning, drying, and protection for your toothbrush.

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